Folk remedies with their own hands to strengthen hair

Frequent use of paints for hair, hot curls, hairdryer, free – all this leads to the hair dull and become lifeless. But you should not despair, return the shine to them and a healthy view can be using home tinctures and shampoos.

Means for hair prepared from natural components will strengthen your hair, give them naturalness and beauty.

In this article you will find light preparation recipes and shampoos at home. But before proceeding to recipes, we will learn five important and beneficial components for hair.

1. Eggs. They give hair shine and make them smooth.

2. Rosemary has an invigorating odor that will raise you. This plant will return their lives.

3. Sage will relieve you from dandruff and give the shine to your hair.

4. Chamomile is perfect for evening hair washing, as it has soothing properties. Also chamomile will give your hair brightness.

5. Vegetable oils are widely used in the preparation of shampoos and hair masks.

Natural shampoo do it yourself


– 200 ml of boiling water;

– 20 grams of dry chamomile flowers (chamomile can be replaced by rosemary or lavender or use a mixture of these plants);

– 200 ml shop shampoo;

– floor of a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil;

– 15 drops of essential oil.

How to cook shampoo at home:

1. Fill the chamomile (lavender or rosemary) with boiling water, cover and leave it to be fornger. In the morning, I focus on infusion and mix it with shampoo, add coconut or olive oil and essential oil. Mix thoroughly.

2. My hair with a cooked shampoo, massaging the scalp, then thoroughly wash.

3. Ride air conditioning.

Folk masks for hair

Light hair mask


– 30 grams of chamomile;

– 120 ml of mineral water without gas.

1. Push into the blender dry daisy flowers and grind, then put in a bowl and pour boiling water. Leave it to half an hour, then strain.

2. Apply a camomile mask on clean hair and rinse after 30 minutes.

Dark Hair Mask

– 30 grams of dry leaves of sage;

– 160 ml of apple vinegar.


1. Grind Sage Leaves in Blender, then put them in a bowl. Fill with apple vinegar and put for about ten minutes for slow fire. Remove from the stove and leave to half an hour.

2. Strap the infusion and apply it on your hair. Wrap the hair with a towel for half an hour. Then carefully rinse and wash them using the shampoo. Eine wachsende Zahl von Online-Casinos in Deutschland praktiziert eine neue Innovation für Wetten, die ein Limit von 1 Euro pro Runde beinhaltet. Es wird schwierig, vor allem für High Roller in Casinos , weil sie nicht mehr in der Lage, große Mengen an Geld zu setzen. Der von bekannten Anbietern festgelegte Mindestgebot bleibt erhalten. Zum Beispiel kann es je nach Spiel 10 oder 20 Cent betragen.f00d4757e457565e83b4fc70f37f1aa9